Ran Marin Summer Training 2015!

Ran Marin Summer Training 2015 is back for a 4th summer and sign-ups are available now!


In the program you’ll receive 8 weeks of customized summer training depending on your background and goals for the summer and fall. The program is open to cross country runners, multi-sport athletes, and anyone looking to build a base in running with individualized summer training. The program can be followed from anywhere! This program also includes a few group runs and individualized meetings with the coaches. Explore the trails of Marin with other runners and learn about optimal nutrition, recovery, and injury prevention for runners.


What’s new this summer:

Sports Nutrition add-on option that includes running tailored sports nutrition information including what to eat before and after training and races to minimize GI distress, maximize performance, and support recovery and immune health. Will include a information session with the latest recommendations backed by science from ACSM, NCSM, and AIS and opportunities to ask questions and apply information throughout the program.

Email WeRanMarin@gmail.com to sign up for Ran Marin’s Summer Training Program before the May 15th deadline!

June 1st-July 26th, 2015; Cost: $225 (Includes Ran Marin t-shirt) or $300 with sports nutrition add-on option
HeadlandsAbout the Ran Marin Coaches:
Liz Gill competed for Branson high school in Marin before going on to compete at the NCAA D1 level in cross country and track for Columbia University (’14 hall of fame inductee for ’05 women’s cross country team) and as a fifth year in graduate school at USC. She holds a MS in Kinesiology. She spent 3 years coaching at Branson and has worked as a group leader for Strive trips, an organization that leads high school athletes on training and community service trips in Kenya and Peru.
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Linda Broderick Gill: Linda is a USATF Certified Level 1 coach. She was the Head Cross Country Coach at The Branson School for six years and has been a Branson Track distance coach for eleven years. She was the Head Cross Country Coach at Marin Catholic for one year. She was an assistant Cross Country and track coach at Drake High School for one and a half years. Linda competed in Cross Country and Track at Tamalpais HS and she won the CIF State mile in 1976. She went on to become a national class runner at UCLA where she was part of the UCLA Track and Field National Championship Team in 1977.

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