Marin athletes take NCS XC titles, move on to State

Marin athletes won three individual titles at the NCS Championships at Hayward High School and one team title yesterday and qualified multiple teams and athletes for State.

Individual Champions

Gillian Wagner, Senior, Redwood, Division III Girls. 17:26.3.  Gillian finishing the Girls DIII race, dominated the field, by 18 seconds.


Liam Anderson, Junior, Redwood. Division III Boys. 15:04.9.  Below, Liam Anderson crushes the boys DIII field, en route to his second NCS win.


Munir Kabarra, Senior, San Rafael, Division IV Boys.  15:31.8, shown below.


Team Champions

Sir Francis Drake Boys, Division IV.  29 points.  Total TT: 1:18:59.5 Average TT: 15:47.9. Team of: Owen Wolford, Soph, 3rd, 15:41.5, Cooper McCarthy. Jr, 4th, 15:44.6, Gabriel Reuter, Jr, 5th, 15:47.2, Nicco Pompili, 6th, 15:48.5, Amir Barkan, Soph, 11th, 15:57.7, Aaron Davidson, Sr, 14th, 16:16.7, Henry Persily, Sr, 25th, 16:41.1, shown below.


Additional Marin Teams qualifying for the State Meet

Sir Francis Drake Girls, Second, DIV race. 98 points. Total TT: 1:39.39.6. Average TT: 19:55.92. Team of: Kyla Seeley, Fr, 11th, 19:32.3, Finleigh Levinson, Jr, 18th, 19:43.3, Shannon-McKillop-Herr, Sr, 20th, 19:46.7, Zoe Miller, Sr, 25th, 20:04.7, Jenevieve Escabar, Sr, 32nd, 20:32.6, Noel Rockwell, Jr, 34th, 20:38.4, Jackie McKillop-Herr, Fr, 49th, 21:18.6.


Marin Catholic Girls, Fourth, DIV race.  119 points. Total TT: 1:40:43.2. Average TT: 20:08.6.  Team of: Samantha Wallenstrom, Fr, 10th, 19:26.6, Sara Kennedy, Jr, 16th, 19:38.6, Turner Wallenstrom, Fr, 22nd, 19:51.3, Alex Goldstein, Sr, 38th, 20:47.2, Charlotte Brockman, Fr, 41st, 20:59.5, Gigi Clifford, Fr, 50th, 21:26.1, Maddie Dowd, Soph, 130th, 26:06.5.

Redwood Boys, Fourth. DIII race. 136 points. Total TT: 1:22:03. Average TT: 16:24.72.  Team of: Liam Anderson, Jr, 1st, 15:04.9, Hudson Grace, Fr, 18th, 16:24.1, Tim Walters, Soph, 32nd, 16:42.7, Ryan Pole, Sr, 35th, 16:44.7, Matthew Phipps, Jr, 50th, 17:07.2, Austin Patel, Jr, 56th, 17:12.5, Eric Goltz, Soph, 69th, 17:35.8.

Branson Girls, Fifth, DV race.  160 points. Total TT: 1;39:45. Average TT: 19:57.02. Team of:  Callie Jones, Jr, 4th, 18:06.7, Grace Dailey, Sr, 5th, 18:26.5, Caitlin Evers, Fr, 32nd, 20:14.6, Sydney Hwang, Soph, 57th, 21:05.4, Bridget Rasmussen, Jr, 78th, 21:51.5, Nye Day, Sr, 89th, 22:17.3, Anna Weisel, Jr, 111nd, 23:12.1,

Marin Academy Girls, Sixth, DV race.  176 points.  Total TT: 1:42.42.6. Average TT: 20:32.52. Team of: Cameron Sierra, Fr, 17th, 19:46. Madeline Rodriguez, Jr, 30th, 20:13.3, Bella Bromberg, Jr, 35th, 20:24.2, Julia Hopkins, Sr, 52nd, 20:55.4, Gracyn Hayunga, Fr, 64th, 21:23.7, Sofia Arleo, Jr, 79th, 21:52.7, Sierra Jackovics, Sr, 83rd, 22:03.

Additional Marin Individuals qualifying for the State Meet

Hannah Chau, Sr, Justin Siena, DIV girls, 3rd, 18:13.

Lyle Rumon, Soph, Marin Catholic, DIV boys, 7th. 15:48.5.

Paul Law, Soph, Tamalpais, DIII boys, 8th. 15:58.5.

Rob Hudson, Soph, Marin Academy, DV boys, 10th. 16:12.9.

Below, Ryan Pole and Paul Law in the pack of the DIII Boys Race; Tam’s top runner, Junior Kelsey Van Allen, narrowly misses qualifying for state.


Link to full results:


NCS Cross Country Championships race schedule

The 2017 NCS Championships will be held Saturday, November 18 at Hayward High School. Race Schedule, with Marin schools listed:


8:30 Division V Girls  (Branson, Marin Academy)

9:05 Division I Girls

9:35 Division V Boys (Branson, Marin Academy)

10:05 Division I Boys

10:35 Division II Girls

11:05 Division III Boys (Redwood, Tam, Novato)

11:35 Division IV Girls (Drake, TL, MC, SR, SM, JS)

12:05 Division II Boys

12:35 Division III Girls (Redwood, Tam, Novato)

1:05 Division IV Boys (Drake, TL, MC, SR, SM, JS)

Drake boys and girls win MCAL Team titles

Liam Anderson and Gillian Wagner of Redwood are County Champions


  1. Liam Anderson, Redwood 16:04
  2. Munir Kabbara, San Rafael 16:13
  3. Gabriel Reuter, Drake 16:21
  4. Cooper McCarthy, Drake 16:24
  5. Lyle Rumon, Marin Catholic 16:29
  6. Ryan Pole, Redwood 16:41
  7. Owen Wolford, Drake 16:45
  8. Nicco Pompili, Drake 16:51
  9. Ian Converse, Marin Catholic 16:51
  10. Amir Barkan, 16:58


  1. Gillian Wagner, Redwood 18:19
  2. Grace Dailey, Branson, 19:21
  3. Callie Jones, Branson, 19:32
  4. Hannah Chau, Justin Siena 19:40
  5. Samantha Wallenstrom, Marin Catholic 20:19
  6. Kelsye Van Allen, Tam 20:23
  7. Zoe Miller, Drake, 20:26
  8. Juliette Nast, Justin Siena 20:27
  9. Emilia Oblites, Novato 20:27
  10. Finleigh Levinson, Drake 20:27




MCAL runners shine at big invitationals across state

Marin County runners travelled to the Mt. SAC Invitational in SoCal and across the Bay to the Mariner Invitational this weekend during the final weekend of cross country invitationals.

Mt. SAC Invitational, Walnut, CA

Liam Anderson and Gillian Wagner placed second and third, respectively in the competitive Individual Sweepstakes Races at Mt. SAC.  Liam was second in 14:51 and Gillian was third in 17:13.  Redwood boys placed 10th in the Individual Sweepstakes race, with a total team time of 1:20:32.

The Tam girls team placed 9th in the Division III race, led by Summer Solomon in 20:24.  Sara Kennedy led the MC girls team with a 12th place finish in 20:36.  MC did not field a full team.

In the boys Division IV race, Marin Catholic placed 6th, led by Lyle Rumon, second in 16:01.  Total team time of 1:25:25.  In the boys Division III Race, Tam placed 5th, led by Paul Law in 16:40.  Team time: 1:25:30

The MC girls were second in the Frosh Soph DIV race, led by Samantha Wallenstrom in 19:56.


MC runners relax after Mt. SAC

Link to full results:

Mariner Invitational, Hayward

Hanna Chau ran a strong second place in the girls varsity race. Justin Siena placed 19th as a team.  The Drake girls, led by Shannon McKillop-Herr in 29th, 18:52, placed 13th.  Redwood girls placed 17th, led by Tyler Woods in 19:29.

Redwood boys placed 22nd, led by Oliver Sagatsume, 46th in 16:08.  Justin Siena was 33rd, led by Devon Bose, 16:58.

In the girls Frosh Soph 2.25 mile race, Jacqueline McKillop-Herr placed 6th in 14:38, leading Sir Francis Drake to a third place team finish.

Link to full results:


Big weekend of Invitationals for Marin runners

Drake boys win Medium School race at Clovis, Liam Anderson second in boys Championship race

Drake won the Medium School race at Clovis with 95 points, led by Nicco Pompili, 9th, 16:02, Cooper McCarthy, 14th, 16:07, Gabe Reuter, 15th, 16:08, Owen Wolford, 25th, 16:18, Amir Barkan, 32nd, 16:24, Aaron Davidson, 16:41 and Henry Persily, 17:00.


Liam Anderson of Redwood leads Boys Championship race at the mile mark. Liam was second in 15:02.


Gillian Wagner of Redwood placed 6th in the Girls Championship race in 17:28.2.  Four Redwood boys ran in the Boys Large School, led by Ryan Pole, 32nd, in 16:30.9

Tam Girls win Crystal Springs team title. Munir Kabarra wins small schools boys race

The Tam girls won the Varsity race at Crystal Springs with 44 points, led by Summer Solomon, 8th, Kellsey, Van Allen, 9th, Mikayla Lin, 15th, Lauren Tanel, 16th, Charlie Osborn, 19th and Katia Martha, 21st.

Munir Kabbara won the Varsity Boys race in 15:48.3. San Rafael was 13th.

Crystal Springs Photo.JPG

Hanna Chau of Justin Siena wins Artichoke.  San Marin, TL and Drake also compete.

The Justin-Siena girls took 3rd in the Small Schools girls race, led by Hanna Chau who won the race in 13:55.

San Marin boys placed 15th in the Small Schools Varsity race.  San Marin was led by Junior Paris Morgan, 35th, in 13:32.

Justin Siena boys placed 16th in the Small Schools Varsity race.  Justin was led by freshman Casey Potrebic, 14th in 12:53.

Terra Linda runners competed without a scoring team. Terra Linda was led by Senior Kelden Ben-Ora, 24th in 13:14.

Drake, Redwood at DeLaSalle – Carondelet Nike Invitational

September 16, 2017, Newhall Park, Concord

Drake fourth in the Boys Varsity race, led by Cooper McCarthy in 13th.

Redwood 13th in the Varsity boys race led by Ryan Pole in 37th.

Redwood 8th in the Frosh / Soph Girls race, led by Carmen Monroe-Watts in fourth.

Redwood 24th in the Varsity girls race, led by Tyler Woods in 68th.

Redwood 15th in the Boys Frosh / Soph race, led by Hudson Grace in fourth.

Redwood 9th in the Boys Frosh / Soph Unlimited race, led by Travis Haskin, 54th..