Reinhart Qualifies to Footlocker National Meet in San Diego (Historical Update added)

Footlocker Western Regionals     Mt. Sac   Saturday December 6, 2014

Trevor Reinhart (Marin Academy) placed 2nd in 15:28 at the Footlocker Western Regionals and qualified for the Footlocker National Cross County Championships. The race was won by Elijah Armstrong of Idaho in 15:24. The top 10 Boys and Girls from the Seeded Races qualify for the Footlocker Championships to be held in San Diego on Dec. 13. The Girls race was won by Makenna Morley of Montana in 17:33.


Trevor at the CA State Meet 2014.        Photo by Tom Benjamin.

Marin Top 21 Finishers at the Footlocker Western Regionals from the past 6 years. This is an impressive list as each runner went on to compete at the collegiate level.

2013    5th  Trevor Reinhart (11)  15:44  (Marin Academy)


  • 2nd  Julia Maxwell (11)  18:15  (Branson/Stanford)
  •  3rd   John Lawson (12)  15:37  (Drake/CAL)
  •  15th  Clayton Hutchins (12)  16:02  (Drake/Cal Poly)


  •  18th  Julia Maxwell (10)  18:56  (Branson/Stanford)
  •   17th  John Lawson (11)  16:11  (Drake/CAL)

2010  7th  Dan Milechman (12)  15:50  (Tam/Harvard)

2009  21st  Dan Milechman (11)  16:05  (Tam/Harvard)


  •  19th  Steven Iglehart (12)  16:23  (Branson/Columbia)
  •  21st  Erik Olson (11)  16:24   (Novato/Stanford)

All results can be found at



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