Ran Marin Summer Training 2017!


Ran Marin Summer Training is back for a 6th summer! This summer training program offers both a group running camp and individualized summer training programs open to high school and college athletes of all disciplines.Ran Marin Summer Training Run

The program includes:

    • 8 weeks of daily training schedules
    • Individualized training
    • Supervised group workouts
    • Racing, sports nutrition, and injury prevention tips from experienced coaches
    • Group Tahoe altitude training trip
    • Free Ran Marin shirt

Headlands_1June 10th -August 6th
$250 (includes Ran Marin tee)
$125 for Tahoe Training Trip add-on
Email WeRanMarin@gmail.com to sign up!
Program Application:

 Ran Marin Summer Training Testimonials:

“I love Ran Marin over the summer because the individualized daily workouts and the weekly group runs keep me motivated and having fun! I’d highly recommend Ran Marin to any high school runner who likes to run and wants to meet a community of other runners (not to mention awesome coaches) who also like to run!” -Grace Dailey, Branson High School, 4:59 1600m 

“Participating in the Ran Marin training program last summer and this winter has been one of the key secrets to achieving a peak level of fitness during the season. Ran Marin helps build a solid base of fitness for all high school runners; no matter their fitness level at the beginning of the program, runners will see rapid improvement in their fitness and will gain the ability to complete longer and faster runs throughout the solid weeks of training that Ran Marin provides. Gaining that kind of background fitness sets runners up perfectly for a successful and fun cross country or track season in which they will likely see their PR’s drop.” -Julia Maxwell, Stanford University XC/Track (formerly at Branson High School)

“Ran Marin gives you such an edge in the season that most of the girls won’t have. It helps you with race strategies, workouts, and injury prevention. It has also helped me make crazy improvements!” -Sophia Noto, University of Portland XC/Track (formerly at Drake High School)

“Ran Marin Winter Training helped me not only build a solid foundation of fitness but also a confidence that I trained as effectively and intelligently as possible for my first-ever track season.” -Anna Harleen, Williams College XC/Track (formerly at Branson High School)