Anderson and Wagner win big at State

Drake Boys team takes second in DIV team competition

Liam Anderson, Junior, and Gillian Wagner, Senior, of Redwood won their respective Division III State meet races today at Woodward Park in Clovis CA.  Liam won in a time of 15:10.3, averaging 4:52.7 per mile on the course. His time was the third best time of the day among all five boys’ races.

Gillian Wagner finished in 17:49.3, averaging 5:43.8 per mile.

In 2016 both Anderson and Wagner were runners up in their respective races.

The Drake boys team scored 98 points, finishing second to Cathedral High School of the Southern Section with 73 points. Drake finished with a team time of 1:22:49, averaging 16:34 on the course, with a differential of 21.7 seconds between first and fifth runner.  The second place finish for Drake was the highest finish for a boys team from Marin County since San Rafael won the DIV race in 2010.

Drake was led by Juniors Cooper McCarthy, 19th, 16:23.8, Gabe Reuter, 23rd, 16:30.1, Nicco Pompili, 24th, 16:30.6, Sophomores Amir Barkan, 35th, 16:39.3, Owen Wolford, 46th, 16:45.5 and Seniors Aaron Davidson, 53rd, 16:48.9 and Henry Persily, 96th, 17:26.4.

Full results can be found at



Other Marin teams at State

The Branson girls placed 6th in the DV race, with two in the top 10.  Senior Grace Dailey was 4th, 18:26.9, in her fourth appearance at the State Meet.  Dailey ends her high school career with three top five state meet finishes.  Junior Callie Jones, 7th, 18:34.4.  Branson runners at State were: Caitlin Evers, Freshman, 76th in 20:46.5, Brigid Rasmussen, Junior,  112th in 21:47.8, Sydney Hwang, Sophomore, 148th, 22:36.7, Anna Weisel, Junior, 158th, 22:55.1, Nye Day, Senior, 165th, 23:24.9.

The Marin Academy Girls team placed 14th in the Division V race, led by Madeline Rodriguez, Junior, 53rd, 20:30.5, Sierra Cameron, Freshman, 64th, 20:39.1, Bella Bromberg, junior, 82nd, 20:49.8, Julia Hopkins, Senior, 99th, 21:26.3, Sierra Jackovics, Senior, 151st, 22:40.9, Sofia Arleo, Junior, 155th, 22:51.1, Gracyn Haying, Freshman, 163rd, 23:12.8

The Drake girls team placed 16th in the DIV race, behind top finisher freshman, Kyla Seeley, 46th, 19:45.9, Shannon McKillop-Herr, Senior, 65th, 20:11.1, Finleigh Levinson, Junior, 104th, 20:54.6, Jenevieve Escabar, Senior, 133rd, 21:32.8, Noel Rockwell, Junior, 140th, 21:43.8, Zoe Miller, Senior, 142nd, 21:46.1 and Jackie McKillop-Herr, Freshman, 167th, 22:46.8.

The Redwood boys team placed 18th, behind Liam Anderson’s first place finish.  Freshman Grace Hudson was second man for the Giants, finishing 105th in 17:09.1, followed by Ryan Pole, Senior, 121st, 17:17.9, Austin Patel , Junior, 142nd, 17:32.4, Mathew Phipps, Junior, 168th, 18:00.2, Tim Walters, Sophomore, 179th, 18:11.6, Erik Goltz, Sophomore, 181st, 18:14.9.

The Marin Catholic girls team placed 19th in the DIV race, led by Samantha Wallenstrom, Freshman, 68th, 20:14.5, Sara Kennedy, Junior, 81st, 20:283, Turner Wallenstrom, Freshman, 127th, 21:23.3, Charlotte Brockton, Freshman, 144th, 21:46.3, Alex Goldstein, Senior, 151st, 21:58.5 and Gigi Clifford, Freshman, 153rd, 22:00.8 and Taylor Powers, Senior, 186th, 23:59.7.

Individual athletes from Marin County and MCAL teams at State

DIV Girls: Hannah Chau, Senior, Justin Siena, 26th, 19:07.6

DV Boys: Rob Hudson, Marin Academy, Sophomore, 46th, 17:03.2

DIV Boys: Lyle Rumon, Marin Catholic, Sophomore, 44th, 16:44.3

DIV Boys: Munir Kabbara, San Rafael, Senior, 45th, 16:44.4.

DIII Boys: Paul Law, Tamalpais, Sophomore, 146th, 17:37.0






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