2017 MCAL Duel Track Meets

Track Meet Scores

Terra Linda, Branson at Drake

Got in a meet with some crazy weather and intense competition and great sportsmanship on both the boys and girls sides.
You have probably never seen a score that ends in 5/6 and 1/6, but it happened (due to two ties). Great competition on the girls side with TL edging Branson 56 – 52 and on the boys side with Drake: 71 5/6 to TL: 63 1/6.
Robyn and Drake coaches.

Girls 100m Winner Emurah of Branson, 2nd Recnick of TL, 3rd Blantz of Drake 

Boys 2 mile Kaufman of Terra Linda, Reilly and Davidson of Drake

Drake vs TL and Branson


SM – R – JS 4-5-17-2

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