The 2017 William Taylor Track and Field Festival

The William Taylor Track & Field Festival

Saturday, March 4, 2017, Sir Francis Drake High School

In recognition of William Taylor’s four decades of challenging athletes to risk, in the spirit of Arete

Schedule of Events

8:50 Pigeon Release and Recognition of William Taylor 9:00 Field Events
9:30 Running Events

Order of running events, except where noted: Girls: beginner, intermediate, advanced Boys: beginner, intermediate, advanced

Schedule of running events. Running events begin at 9:30 Times are approximate

9:30 4 x 100 Relay
9:50 3,000 meter run (boys and girls combined) 10:10 65M High Hurdles (5 hurdles)
10:50 100 meter sprint
10:30 600 meter run
11:50 210 Low Hurdles (5 hurdles)
12:10 1,500 meter run
12:35 300 meter sprint

Field events. Field events begin at 9:00

Long jump: Triple jump:


Shot put:

High jump: Pole Vault:

Two jumps measured from take off After conclusion of long jump.
Two jumps measured from take off Girls, then boys

Two throws marked
Boys, then girls
Two throws marked
Girls, then boys
Co-ed. Bar to start at 6 feet.

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