History of Marin Athletes at NCAA XC Nationals and XC World Championships

Marin has had many excellent prep runners who have gone on to compete at the collegiate level. Three former Marin prep runners; Fred Huxham, John Lawson and Julia Maxwell,  will be racing at the 2015 Division l NCAA Cross Country Championships on Saturday Nov. 21 in Kentucky.  The Men and Women Cross Country Championships were held separately until 1981, before this time the Women competed in the AIAW and the men in the NCAA. The history of the Division l NCAA Championships from 1938 can be found at http://www.ustfccca.org/infozone/public-meet-alltime.php?meetno=515947585.

Below is a listing of the results of those runners who qualified for the Dl Cross Country Nationals individually or with a team. Listed is the athlete, college, best finish, years qualified and top 10 team  results. At the bottom are the results of former Marin runners who competed at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships.  This is a work in progress so please let us know of any additions or corrections.


  • Teresa Devine  PRINCETON  2010   212th place/ 253 finishers (Marin Catholic)
  • Laura Starret (Schmitt)  CAL  1984   107th place/ 109 finishers  (Redwood)
  • Sally Mettier  CAL  1977  95th out of 233 finishers  (San Marin)
  • Maggie Keyes  (Kraft)  CAL POLY 1979  6th place/ 230+ finishers. Qualified 1978, 1979  (team tied for 10th), 1980  ( (Tamalpais)
  • Linda Broderick (Gill)  UCLA  1976  18th place/ 230+ finishers  Qualified 1976 (team 6th), 1977 (team 5th), 1978, 1979 (team tied for 10th)  (Tamalpais)
  • Kate Keyes  UCLA  1977  35th/233 finishers  (team 5th)  (Tamalpais) *


  • Erik Olson  STANFORD  2013  85th place/250 finishers.  Qualified 2010 (Team 4th), 2011 (Team 5th),  2012, 2013  (Novato) **
  • Steve Sodaro  CAL  2008  203rd place/252 finishers.  Qualified 2008, 2010  (Redwood)
  • Jake Schmitt  WASHINGTON  2008  58th place/252 finishers.  Qualified 2008, 2009  (Redwood)
  • Richie Boulet  CAL  1993  33rd place/182 finishers.  (Drake)
  • Rod Berry  STANFORD  1980  59th place/243 finishers.  (Redwood)***
  • George Stewart  OKLAHOMA STATE  1970  33rd place/307 finishers.  (Tam)


* Kate Keyes (Tam) competed in the 1975 IAAF World Cross Country Championship in Rabat Morocco. The US Women’s team won the World Championship race with Kate placing 11th in the 4km race.

** Erik Olson (Novato) competed at the 2011 IAAF Junior World Cross Country Championship in Punta Umbria, Spain.

*** Rod Berry (Redwood) competed in the 1978 IAFF Junior World Cross Country Championship in Glascow, Scotland. Rod Berry finished in 10th place as the first runner for the USA team.

Hal Schulz (Redwood) competed in the 1977 IAFF Junior World Cross Country Championship in Dusseldorf, West Germany. The USA Men’s Junior team won the championships with US runner Thom Hunt placing 1st in the race. Hal placed 33rd.

2 thoughts on “History of Marin Athletes at NCAA XC Nationals and XC World Championships

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for your information about Marin runners at the NCAA D1 XC champs. Please add George Stewart’s 33rd/307 in 1970. George ran for Tam, COM and Oklahoma State. Mike Killeen(Redwood ’73) competed for Humboldt in the 1976 D3 champs and finished 83/341 and helped his team to second place. Bryan Tracy (Redwood ’73) ran for Cal Poly SLO in the ’75 D2 meet. Pete Sweeney (Redwood ’73, yeah that’s me) was 33rd in D2 for UC Davis in ’74 and 59th in ’75. Killeen, Tracy, Ned Overend, Jan-Eric Moller, Pete Demarais, Ed Phelps and I were on the ’72 Redwood team that won the whole NCS,(whole meaning no divisions, just a single race). Redwood also won the girls championship that day. That was the first time that a single school won both the boys and girls. I believe that it was the first time that any Marin school had ever won the NCS. At the time there was no state meet. We also finished third that year in the national postal three mile.

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