2015 MCAL Track and Field Schedule


March 7 “all comer” Meet @Drake

March 12

Terra Linda, Drake @Branson
Justin Sienna, San Rafael @Marin Catholic

March 14

San Rafael Twilight Relays

March 19

Drake, Marin Catholic @Novato
Justin Sienna @San Marin

March 26

Redwood @Justin Sienna
Marin Catholic, Branson, San Marin @Tamalpais
Novato @Terra Linda

April 2

Redwood @San Marin
Terra Linda, San Rafael @Tamalpais

April 9

San Marin @Terra Linda

April 16

Branson @ Justin Sienna

April 23

San Rafael, San Marin @Drake
Tam, Novato @Justin Sienna
Terra Linda, Marin Catholic @Redwood

April 30

Justin Sienna @Drake
Redwood, Novato, Branson @San Rafael

May 7

San Marin @Novato
Drake, Tamalpais @Redwood
Justin Sienna @Terra Linda

May 14 and May 16 MCAL Championships Hosted by Justin Sienna @Redwood

May 24 North Coast Section Meets

May 30 and May 31 NCS Meet of Champions @CAL

June 5 and June 6 CIF State Track & Field Championships @Clovis