2013 Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational

2013  Mt. SAC Cross Country  Invitational    Oct. 25/26  

RESULTS         http://events.mtsac.edu/ccinvite/results.htm

  • The Branson Girls ran in the 3 mile D5 Sweepstakes race and placed 3rd. They were led by senior Allie Williams who finished in 14th place in 19:40 (6:33).
  • The Redwood Girls ran in the D3 Sweepstakes race and placed 9th. Freshman Glennis Murphy led the team with a 9th place finish in 18:43 (6:14).
  • The Tam Girls won the D3 Varsity race. Freshman Kate Mekley led the team finishing in 7th place in 19:34 (6;31) with junior Gianna Garza placing 8th with the time of 19:36 (6:32).
  • Terra Linda sophomore Zach Bibeault ran in the D4 Boys Varsity race and finished 10th in 16:46 (5:35)
  • Andy Ehrenberg, a sophomore at Redwood,, finished in 76th place in the D3 Sweepstakes race running 16:30 (5:30).

There were 47 high school races on Friday and 75 high school races on Saturday. Feel free to send race results you would like posted to weranmarin@gmail.com.

6 thoughts on “2013 Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational

  1. What about the Tam High girls???? They won 1st place in their Div. III race! Kate Miekley and Gianna Garza led their team with a respective 7th and 8th place finish, 19:34 and 19:36. This varsity team deserves the recognition for all of their tremendous work Friday. Way to go, Tam girls!

    Click to access 16.pdf

  2. Why do focus on the showing by Andy Ehrenberg, finishing in 76th place in 18:30 when Terra Linda sophomore Zach Bibeault finished 10th in 16:46?

    • Thank you for your comment. We posted the team Sweepstakes results and the Tam girls First place finish in the Varsity race. Andy was included with the Sweepstakes results.
      Congratulations to Zach Bibeault for a great race at Mt.Sac. We will add the result now. Please send any race results you would like to see posted to weranmarin@gmail.com.

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