Stanford Invitational

Stanford Invitational  Sept. 28, 2013

Stanford’s Erik Olsen (Novato) won the Mens 8km College Race in 24:25 (4:55).In photo below that is Reesy Byers (Sac State) who competed for Santa Rosa HS.Stanford_2013_EO

Top Times for Marin High School athletes

Girls 5km Seeded Race

  • 7th Julia Maxwell  Branson  18:11 (5:51)  #1 time NCS athlete
  • 46th Anna Harleen  Branson  19:26 (6:16)Stanford_2013_JMStanford_2013_AH

Boys 5km Seeded RaceStanford_2013_MA

  • 17th James Kinney  Marin Academy  15:45 (5:05)  #3 time NCS athlete
  • 19th Trevor Reinhart  Marin Academy  15:49 (5:06)  #4 time NCS athlete

Full results at::

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