MCAL XC Meets 9-19-13

MCAL XC Meets Thursday Sept. 19

JS,TL,D @ Branson    Bon Tempe  2.6 miles


Girls:  Drake d. Justin 19-44; TL d. Justin 23-32; Branson d. Justin 17-46; Drake d. TL 17-45; Branson d. Drake 19-42; Branson d. TL 15-50.
Guys:  Drake d. Justin 21-38; TL d. Justin 23-32; Justin d. Branson 25-32; Drake d. TL 23-35; Drake d. Branson 18-41; TL d. Branson 22-34.

R,N @ Marin Catholic    Crown Road


SR,T @ San Marin   O’Hair Park



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