NCS Redwood Empire and Class A Time Schedules

NCS Redwood Empire  Santa Rosa High School…Saturday, May18, 2013

Field Events

9:00 am  Boys Long Jump                                                      9:00 am  Girls Shot Put

9:00 am  Boys Discus                                                              9:00 am  Boys High Jump

9:00 am  Girls Triple Jump                                                    9:00 am  Boys Pole Vault

11:45am  Girls Pole Vault                                                     11:45 am  Boys Shot Put

11:45 am  Girls High Jump                                                   11:45 am  Boys Triple Jump

11:45am  Girls Long Jump                                                    11:45 am  Girls Discus

Running Events

10:00 a.m. Girls 4 x 100 Relay

10:12 a.m. Boys 4 x 100 Relay

10:24 a.m. Girls 1600

10:40 a.m. Boys 1600

10:54 a.m. Girls 100 Hurdles

11:17 a.m. Boys 110 Hurdles

11:20 a.m. Girls 400

11:32 a.m. Boys 400

11:44 a.m. Girls 100

11:56 a.m. Boys 100

12:08 p.m. Girls 800

12:26 p.m. Boys 800

12:41 p.m. Girls 300 Hurdles

12:53 p.m. Boys 300 Hurdles

1:05 p.m. Girls 200

1:17 p.m. Boys 200

1:29 p.m. Girls 3200

1:46 p.m. Boys 3200

2:01 p.m. Girls 4 x 400 Relay

NCS Class A Championships    Montgomery High School  Saturday May 18, 2013

Field Events will start at 10:00 a.m.

Girls High Jump, to be followed by Boys High Jump

Girls Pole Vault, to be followed by Boys Pole Vault

Girls Shot Put, to be followed by Boys Shot Put

Boys Discus, to be followed by Girls Discus

Girls Long Jump, to be followed by Boys Long Jump

Boys Triple Jump, to be followed by Girls Triple Jump

Events may start earlier than indicated

11:00 a.m. Girls 400m Relay

11:10 a.m. Boys 400m Relay

11:20 a.m. Girls 1600m Run

11:35 a.m. Boys 1600m Run

11:50 a.m. Girls 100m High Hurdles

12:05 p.m. Boys 110m High Hurdles

12:20 p.m. Girls 400m Dash

12:30 p.m. Boys 400m Dash

12:40 p.m. Girls 100m Dash

12:50 p.m. Boys 100m Dash

1:00 p.m. Girls 800m Run

1:15 p.m. Boys 800m Run

1:30 p.m. Girls 300m Int. Hurdles

1:45 p.m. Boys 300m Int. Hurdles

2:00 p.m. Girls 200m Dash

2:15 p.m. Boys 200m Dash

2:30 p.m. Girls 3200m Run

2:50 p.m. Boys 3200m Run

3:05 p.m. Girls 1600m Relay

3:20 p.m. Boys 1600m Relay

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