Marin History at Footlocker Nationals

The Footlocker National Championships was started in 1979. The race was run at Balboa Park in San Diego and 32 runners qualified for the championship race. In 2004 Nike started the Nike Cross Nationals (Erik Olson of Novato competed in NXN in 2009 placing 21st). In 2004 Footlocker added 2 more qualifying spots to each region so the Championship field increased to 40. The race was held in Orlando, FL 1981-82, 1997-2001.

  • 1980  Robyn McSwain (Berry)  Terra Linda  21st  18:40  (32 competitors)
  • 2004  Jake Schmitt  Redwood  19th  15:54
  • 2009  Theresa Devine  Marin Catholic  26th  18:17
  • 2010  Dan Milechman  Tamalpais  37th  16:00

On Saturday John Lawson of Drake and Julia Maxwell of Branson will be added to the list.

If we inadvertently missed anyone, please let us know.

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