NCS Meet of Champions May 25 partial results

Meet of Champions   Friday May 25, 2012

FINALS  TOP 4 QUALIFY FOR STATE     Top 6 place and receive medals

Boys Shot Put

5th  Kristofors, Nick          12 San Marin             48-03.00    2  (4th place was 49-03.00)

Boys Triple Jump

6th  Baysinger, Deondre        12 Novato                45-00.00   3.6   1

Boys Pole Vault

5th  Kiles, August      10 Tamalpais        13-00.00  J13-06.00    2   (4th place was 13-06)

Preliminaries–   Marin athletes qualifying for Final

Boys 4 X 100m relay                                                                                                         7th  Terra Linda  ‘A’                              43.45q  heat 2

1) Silvestri, Christian 11                                     2) Walton, Sean 12                                3) Del Barrio, Daniel 12                                     4) Fortenko, Daniel 12

Boys 110m Hurdles

6th  Knight, Zachary           11 Tamalpais             15.39q -2.2 heat 3

Girls 100m

2nd  McMillan, Lilla           12 Tamalpais                12.03Q  1.9  heat 2

Boys 300m Hurdles

Knight, Zachary           11 Tamalpais                            Q

Girls 200m

McMillan, Lilla          12  Tamalpais                           Q

Boys 200m

Fortenko,Daniel       12  Terra Linda                           Q

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